Download Modern Space Guru Full Apk for android phones

Download Modern Space Guru Full Apk for android
Be hypnotized by beautiful galaxies where you move suns to save the universe!
This game is for everybody who appreciates the beauty of the universe and takes pleasure in the idea of being a natural force beyond science; a force that fuses suns in the early universe to fulfill a mission of utmost importance.

The more you master this game, the more you will love it and you will even feel relaxed after having played it. Play this game in the darkness and you will actually feel

like being in space.
* 48 beautiful hypnotizing galaxies, each one with its own challenge

* 8 difficulty levels for everybody

* many different suns - some will help you, some will annoy you

* constellations with which you can ask the gods for help when things get tough.

* countless achievements for which you will get reward points

* reward points with which you can increase your powers.

The game will reveal its true beauty only under low light conditions and on a high end device, but can also be played on a mediocre smartphone.

Download Modern Space Guru Full Apk

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